Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever, and many players would say that a place that doesn’t have it on offer is not a real casino. If you too are one of the many fans of this game, you might be interested in playing it on your mobile phone or tablet.

The gaming industry has been rapidly expanding, mostly thanks to the technological advances of the past decades. This is the main reason why today we have hundreds of online casinos that provide their players with the opportunity to try their luck even without visiting a real casino. In this article, you will find information on different types of roulette, as well as the ways to find the best mobile versions, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

General overview

Roulette is a game with quite a long history, dating from the 18th century and originally developed in France. The name itself comes from the French word meaning little wheel. Today there are many different versions of the game available, but the most important ones are American, European and French roulette. We will now discuss all three in detail, after which we will share with you the way to find the best mobile versions.

What is American roulette?

American roulette is a faster version that is specific for its inclusion of a double zero. This means that the table layout is not the same as in the European version, and neither are the number positions. There are 38 sections, the first being zero, and the last double zero. The introduction of the double zero also means that in American roulette the house edge is increased by 5.4%.

Where can I find mobile American roulette games?

You have plenty of options. American roulette is very popular, which means that hundreds of online casinos are offering it. To choose the best one for yourself, follow these simple instructions.

Check out the sites that have reviews of popular casinos. Browse through their sites to find those that offer games compatible with your device. Don’t worry, every online casino’s page contains that information.

After you’ve done that, narrow the selection by reading the reviews. They will tell you everything you need to know about the game selection of each of the casinos, as well as their safety and overall quality. Simply choose the one that looks good to you, create an account, and you’re ready to start playing!

What is European roulette?

European roulette is by far the most popular version of the game. Most online casinos have it as a part of their offer. It is played with a single zero wheel and has a table layout that is different from the American one. When these two versions of the game are compared, the European roulette is the one that benefits the player more. The house edge is significantly smaller, only 2.5%.

Where can I find mobile European roulette games?

With this version, you’ll have even less trouble. European roulette is more popular than the American one, and there is an even larger number of online casinos that offer it to their players.

Before you decide on one of them, all you need to do is check the reviews for compatibility with your device, and the casino’s overall quality.

Since there are so many available online casinos, try to compare them and find out which one offers the highest quality games. One of the ways to do that is to read the reviews of their software providers.

What is French roulette?

The French version is not as popular as the other two, which is somewhat surprising, since it is the best when it comes to the player’s chances for winning. La Partage Rule is what makes it different from the European version, and it comes down to allowing the players to keep their wager even after losing one of the two spins.

Where can I find mobile French roulette games?

If you’re looking to play a game of French roulette on your mobile phone or tablet, you might be disappointed to hear that it’s not that widely available. It’s due to the fact that French roulette is the least popular of all three versions. But although there aren’t that many online casinos offering it, finding a compatible mobile version will be far from impossible. The process is the same as with the other versions. You are just going to need to put in a bit more effort.

As you can see, mobile roulette is not only fun and dynamic, but widely available as well. Its three different types ensure that it appeals to many different tastes. Regardless of the type of your device, you will find a mobile roulette game that will make you enjoy an authentic casino atmosphere in a matter of minutes.